This year we dedicate the conference to honoring of women in computing. Ada Lovelace, Margaret Hamilton and Carol Shawn are just three examples of pioneering women in the world of programming. We want to remind some of them and their amazing successes. Ada Lovelace (1815 – 1852) was the first female programmer in history, and from the 19th century! Daughter […]

From Barcelona JUG and JBCN Conf, we wanted to listen to our sector’s professionals in order to know and evaluate the status of the programming field in Spain. We recently carried out a survey among programmers who came to the last JBCN Conf and also shared it amongs colleagues. The final results provided us enough information to build up an […]

Programming is predominantly a male industry. This is not a supposition, data confirms it and we proved it in a recent blog post titled Why are there so few women in the programming world?). What do female developers think about this? How do they feel being a minority? We have put 3 tech professionals, Trisha Gee, Laura Luiz and Ixchel […]