From Barcelona JUG and JBCN Conf, we wanted to listen to our sector’s professionals in order to know and evaluate the status of the programming field in Spain. We recently carried out a survey among programmers who came to the last JBCN Conf and also shared it amongs colleagues. The final results provided us enough information to build up an accurate professional profile. On the following post we’ve broken down what we’ve discovered into different categories so you can get a full picture of the analysed results. 

What role do they have in their current companies? How old are they? Most of them are software engineers (55.2%), and senior programmers (21.4%). Banking and financial services are the most attractive sectors to work for although most of them are currently working for telecommunications or technology companies. In addition 51.7% are between 20 and 30 years old which confirms that programming is an attractive profession for young talent. 

One of the key points highlighted in the survey is the value of training. Programming is a fast-changing world and this requires being constantly up to date with the latest developments. The survey shows programmers are well aware of the importance of training. The majority of survey respondents (95.7%) stated that they usually self-learn and 83.6% think that ongoing training is necessary. It seems Spanish companies also see value in training. 64% of respondents say that their companies are already reaping the benefits of training programs so they can stay up to date with the latest developments in the programming sector. 

Precisely, when asked about the benefits they look for in a company, working from home was one of the most valued surpassed only by ‘flexible hours’ and ‘having the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies.’

Absence of women in the sector 

The absence of women programmers is a well-known fact and our survey proved it. 89% of the gathered answers were entered by male programmers. The results tell us that programmers think the main factor that cause this absence is the approach of the educational system to scientific and technological subjects.

The survey also confirms that programmers are aware of this situation as 70% of respondents would like to see more women programmers and the majority thinks that the presence of more women in a team of programmers would have a positive impact in any business. 

Frequent conference attendees 

Attending conferences such as JBCN Conf was another interesting point we wanted to stand out in our survey. The result was that 94% admit to attend at least one conference per year. Although they prefer local meetings (71%), there is a significant amount of programmers (26.7%) who visit another country for these sort of events.

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