After the unfolding COVID-19 crisis is over programming and software development professionals will continue to be one of the most demanded profiles by companies. Having a team capable of being up to date with the continuous technological advances will be essential to deal with situations such as the instability currently faced by companies worldwide.

Programmers and developers possess a set of skills and technical knowledge thanks to their education background or hard skills which allow them to carry out their work efficiently. It is well known that the IT sector has always required a constant evolution due to the fast and frequently changing digital transformation – emerging innovative techniques, releases of new programming languages or new IT tools. With the COVID-19 outbreak, many sectors may need significant assistance to adapt to the new challenging state of work and digital era. 

The JBCN Conf team has reviewed which are the key social skills that have allowed IT professionals to successfully adapt to different and fast-changing working environments:

  1. Teamwork.  Knowing how to work as a team rather than individually is essential for the daily life of a developer. Each project can involve professionals from different disciplines – product owner, business analyst, support and sales – as well as different levels of knowledge – juniors and seniors. Apart from knowing how to manage personal aspects, it is essential to know how to establish organizational models and hierarchies that allow us to achieve more collaborative ways of working, through coordination, trust, collaboration, commitment and communication.

  2. Communication. Active listening and communication is essential to avoid jumping to the wrong conclusions. Whether it is oral or written communication, when working with distributed teams, project updates, feedback and different opinions should always be communicated with honesty. In this way, all the progress that needs to be made around work will be positive. 

  3. Creativity. Bearing in mind that this is one of the most rapidly evolving sectors, developers must keep an open mind. They are used to understand that there is no single solution to all the challenges a project might face. Discovering which one is the best tool to tackle each problem allows you to put all your creative energy into solving it. All the possible approaches that may arise from this thinking often help to converge in an optimal solution for the project. 

  4. Empathy. Empathy is essential for a programmer and a key skill for teamwork. Putting yourself in the shoes of another colleague or even in the leaders’ shoes will improve the work outcome and allow you to know more about the needs of others. Working in a team can be very rewarding yet it is quite common to have differences and problems. If instead of trying to avoid them, we are able to manage them with empathy, we will be rewarded with a different working experience. 

  5. Be humble. Being humble and being able to accept criticism is very important while adapting to new working environments. Understanding that there is no a single criteria or approach will allow us to learn more. This is why it is best to remain receptive to constructive criticism and avoid being confrontational.

In this turbulent environment it is equally important to know how to use the latest technological tools as well as to work in a team. We encourage you to be creative to always find a better approach to problems, manage communication properly and always be ready for criticism.

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