A pro developer has many skills but the ones that stand out are creating code fast and with quality. Here are 5 tips for coding like a pro:

  1. Add test to your code. When we finish coding we run the code to make sure it does what we want, this is a test. We can run it by ourselves or create a code that does it for us and checks if the result is what we expect. The former is a manual test and the later is an automated test. A pro developer has automated tests.
    Benefits are adding tests will improve overall system quality and having automated tests are faster than running tests manually.

  2. Do code review with your team. Code review is a technique that another member of the team checks the code you wrote is good for him as well. A pro developer codes very well but knows that nobody is fail-proof, a code review can bring better ideas to improve the code.
    Benefits are better code quality and sharing the project’s knowledge among everybody.

  3. Be familiar with your VCS. VCS stands for version control system, git and SVN are examples of VCS. This is not about how important it is to use a VCS, but how important it is to know how to use it very well. We use VCS to create new versions of the code base, merge your code with your colleagues’ code, create versions for development and production, and do code review as we just talked.
    Benefits are merging your code with your colleagues faster as this not always an effortless task, better organization of which code is used for production and development.

  4. Know your IDE. Your IDE is your main working tool. A pro developer knows all the features of IDE and uses the mouse as little as possible. An IDE is capable of starting automated tests, searching and replacing texts, finding methods and classes, all of this from the keyboard. The faster you can use the IDE the faster you’ll deliver your code.
    Benefits are faster development when using the full potential of the IDE, better quality code using features and plugins that check the quality of code. 

  5. Use code quality tools. This is not about measuring the software quality, but the quality of your code. A pro developer codes a code easy to understand, he uses design patterns to avoid code duplications, and other good technics, but not all developers have the same level and nobody codes without any small mistake.
    Benefits are increasing the code quality of all developers, for juniors developers this a massive help, and this makes the code review easier as this reduces the number of mistakes in the code.

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