Programming is a very changing world, what is worth today, is not worth tomorrow. The rapid and incipient advance of technology makes the need to keep yourself up to date in the world of programming. This is a must for all developers and professionals in the sector. Apart from being aware of the latest trends, one of the most useful resources is to attend conferences.

Knowing the main innovations of the industry, taking full advantage of networking, efficient contact management or meeting influencers in person, are some of the most important advantages conferences can bring to businesses today. And, according to Stanford Research Institute, 87.5% of a company’s business success is in the ability to interact with people, inside and outside the company.

Conferences or meetups are perhaps one of the best ways to stay up-to-date. Still not convinced? As organizers of one of the largest developing conferences, we, Barcelona JUG, encourage you to attend these type of events for all that they can contribute both professionally and personally. Let’s break down some of the benefits. 

Attending a conference means discovering the latest trends in your sector as well as benefiting from all the know-how about the latest in the industry. The presentations, workshops and activities that take place in these meetings provide very useful information for your day to day work experience or your company, and will allow you to face the new challenges in the sector.

Some of the talks usually show examples of case studies of different companies that have succeeded due to their active participation in conferences.Their stories tell us the challenges and action plans they’ve gone through in order to implement these initiatives and positively maintain growth within their organisations. This is an amazing opportunity for you to start replicating these successful strategies within your company and standing out above your competitors. 

Another of the great attractions of these type of meetings is the speakers lineup. Great professionals of the sector, national and international, that you can meet and get recommendations from as well as first-hand advice. During the conference there will be plenty of opportunities to network with professionals within the sector. We always encourage attendees to take full advantage of the networking possibilities so they can keep expanding their knowledge and contacts. 

If you still have doubts about what you can contribute as a programmer by attending these conferences, visit JBCN Conf and explore all the workshops, talks and activities as well as the confirmed speakers that will be attending this upcoming edition. Both lists, speakers and activities, are still pending new additions. Come and join us from the 7th till the 9th of September in Barcelona. 

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