A pro developer has many skills but the ones that stand out are creating code fast and with quality. Here are 5 tips for coding like a pro: As you here why don’t take a look at JBCNConf talks of 2019 and get more tips about pro developers or browse all talks about testing from all previous years.

After the unfolding COVID-19 crisis is over programming and software development professionals will continue to be one of the most demanded profiles by companies. Having a team capable of being up to date with the continuous technological advances will be essential to deal with situations such as the instability currently faced by companies worldwide. Programmers and developers possess a set […]

This year we dedicate the conference to honoring of women in computing. Ada Lovelace, Margaret Hamilton and Carol Shawn are just three examples of pioneering women in the world of programming. We want to remind some of them and their amazing successes. Ada Lovelace (1815 – 1852) was the first female programmer in history, and from the 19th century! Daughter […]

From Barcelona JUG and JBCN Conf, we wanted to listen to our sector’s professionals in order to know and evaluate the status of the programming field in Spain. We recently carried out a survey among programmers who came to the last JBCN Conf and also shared it amongs colleagues. The final results provided us enough information to build up an […]

Programming is predominantly a male industry. This is not a supposition, data confirms it and we proved it in a recent blog post titled Why are there so few women in the programming world?). What do female developers think about this? How do they feel being a minority? We have put 3 tech professionals, Trisha Gee, Laura Luiz and Ixchel […]

Programming is a very changing world, what is worth today, is not worth tomorrow. The rapid and incipient advance of technology makes the need to keep yourself up to date in the world of programming. This is a must for all developers and professionals in the sector. Apart from being aware of the latest trends, one of the most useful […]

This year we celebrate 25 years of successes of the most used programming language in the world. Congratulations Java! More than 15,000 million electronic devices work with this programming language, but what can we expect from Java and JVM in the coming years? From JBCN Conf. we bring you five top trends for 2020. This is just a sneak peek […]

Some of the most important technological advances in history have been carried out by women developers: Margaret Hamilton codified the software that allowed humans to reach the moon. Grace Murray created the first complex computing language. Radia Perlman, who made a key discovery to develop the Internet. And the list gets bigger and bigger. These are only three examples but […]

As Steve Jobs said: «Everyone should learn to program a computer because it teaches you to think.» If this quote doesn’t seem inspiring enough to devote to programming, from Barcelona JUG we give you some reasons to learn programming, especially the Java language and JVM platform. There is a high demand for talented developers in the current job market. This […]

“We know that diversity can sometimes be more uncomfortable because things are less familiar – but it gets the best results.”. Megan Smith is the author of this statement and she is one of the women we want to give a voice to in the next edition of JBCN Conf. She was the first woman to hold the position of […]